Meet The Real Life Willy Wonka,

Author and up and coming Television Personality - Angus Kennedy

Welcome the site of Angus Kennedy and to the magical world of confections, chocolate and beyond. Though Angus is the editor of the longstanding journal ‘Kennedy’s Confection’ and currently owner of Kennedy's Publications (UK), he has also has carved out a highly successful career as a television personality, public speaker and author. He now offers his services for bespoke corporate writing and public speaking engagements and advice and assistance for media projects related to the confectionery trade. This is due to his outstanding knowledge and contacts in the confectionery industry.


Angus Kennedy is the editor of Kennedy’s Confection magazine and founder of one of the most successful chocolate events in the industry calendar, The World Chocolate Forum. Because of his knowledge he is available for commentary, interviews and discussion for the national press, radio and Television. Angus currently handles all is own PR and you can contact him directly.


Angus is regularly on television now having been featured with the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Bloomberg and with appearances with America Tonight TV and Talk to Aljazeera in Washington. He is fast becoming a media personality in his own right and is currently working on his own program for 2015. He is a passionate interviewee on television and is now being featured often as a personality in his own right. Angus carved his career out from nothing while failing all his exams, deaths in the family and striving through endless adversity. He says, “you don’t apply for the best jobs in the world, you create them!..... It’s all about making what you thought to be your weakness into your strengths.


Angus has now written 8 novels to date, some published and some he says he doesn’t wish to publish until the ‘moment comes’. His novels to date are, Please God I Want To Win The Lottery, The Kitchen Baby, How To Make Money, 222 Good Reasons for Bad Things and others that he is working on. He is currently finishing three more: How To Become a Real Life Willy Wonka, Dinner With The Devil and Who Needs to Go To College Anyway? Angus has enjoyed Amazon best sellers and is passion is in writing and communicating an often much deeper message. He wrote a novel six years ago titled ‘Just In Case I am Famous, just in case he was! He said it will be published when he is. If he is not it will never be seen.

Public Speaking

Angus is now involved in corporate speaking and also speaking for schools Universities and Colleges. He is available to deliver is hugely successful pitch. - HOW TO GET THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD – with the worst preparation possible? Meet The Real Life Willy Wonka - the man and TV personality that’s paid to eat chocolate!


Angus is highly regarded as one of the leading writers and journalist in the confectionery industry and is now available for bespoke corporate writing projects. He specializes in any corporate assignment that needs a greater understanding of the industrial confectionery industry, from corporate histories, company anniversaries, technical profiles and key interviews.


Angus enjoys a following with his email blog, ‘Friday Light,’ that anyone can sign up to and read free of charge with no spam. He says it’s all about the seemingly necessary nonsense of life and he can’t understand why is has grown so quickly. It started as a joke with 55 readers and now has over 14,000 email subscribers and is one of the fastest growing email blogs in the UK.

How Can You Team Up With Angus?

Further agency reputation on corporate speaking, media and authorship.
To place his next TV program for a 6-part series on the chocolate world.
To live in a cocoa farm with a camera crew.
Commission his place on Big Brother

Inspire millions of people never to give up and live their dream as he created the best job in the world with the worst preparation possible!

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