7 Euros for a single truffle, right or wrong?

I just returned from Brussels and toured the top chocolatiers on the high street. I went to see Galler, Nauhaus, Chocolate Passion, Patrick Roger, Whittamer and Godiva. The rather refreshing thing about this entire experience is that these (chefs) as they prefer to be called more often, are not as influenced (in my opinion overly troubled anyway) by supply chain problems, environmental issues and sustainability concerns as their bigger industry counterparts and midsized and larger producers.

They are too busy making money! A Patrick Roger store, I visited (see picture), is charging 44 euro for a relatively small box of 18 pieces. Ok yes handmade, fresh cream, yes yes yes, I know made on site , short shelf life yes got it… And while in his shop or gallery – I am am sure he would want it to be called- some Japanese tourists came in asking the price of a single truffle from another selection. They were quoted 7 Euros each and didn’t bat an eyelid and proceeded to buy even more. Are we into fashionable ‘statement purchase’ chocolate now?

Now then, a few meters away a woman is on the street with her hand out asking for money to give to her child that sits on the pavement playing with a stick and a few dry leaves. The tourists walk buy.

While the chocolate ‘industry’ battles to save world poverty. Super-premium and high street producers (some anyway) are simply focusing on the overall experience and expectation of their customer and translating this into eyebrow raising prices and possibly profits. They are successful, what actually is success?

Right or wrong?

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