A Bank Giving us A holiday? Now You’re Really Having a Laugh

My gut feeling is that the financial institutions and MP’s called for the Bank Holidays in 1871 because they wanted to look good (if that’s at all possible) in the face of them planning to make us into mindless working machines and hopeless debit slaves today which; haven’t they achieved quite magnificently.

“Oh yes, look chaps, if we don’t give the commoners a holiday, there surely will be a revolution and us banks aren’t going to be that popular as the years go by (trust me!), so let’s get on with it and give them hmmm, 8 days. Let’s not push it mind, go steady, Europe gets 10.8, so see if they buy just 8. Even 10.8 is far too little. And brilliant, what a great marketing campaign to associate us with their holidays too. Bingo! Let’s pretend that life stops when we banks stop as we are all that matters.”

Well I don’t know about you but when the banks shut, then man, do we all come alive and have a great holiday! In fact if banks (and much of our media too) didn’t exist at all then that’s what I call a real holiday.

In all fairness it was an MP John Lubbock who in 1871 campaigned for holidays as the workers could not cope. He only did it because the government probably needed workers alive. But actually he didn’t go far enough. What he really should have said was a four-day working week (if at all), maximum interest on a loan allowed, free loans to the poor and well, make it illegal for a bank to re-posses a house from a young family.

Nice try banks, but to be honest it’s your lousy fake money (that doesn’t actually exist) that makes us need a holiday in the first place. It’s just paper and figures based on the trust of people like us; it’s the fake money with no gold backing that has made life utterly miserable and made many into lost, mechanical and soul’less materialists. Well I can say that freedom time is coming. It’s all due to change.

Let’s make it a real bank holiday and rid us forever of debt and wipe out all mortgage debt. And free the people. The concept of buying land and a house is after all, relatively recent. Why do you think they got rid of the American Indians and Aborigines? Can’t have that, a community living without money for 40,000 years. And to think that the history books were re-written to make us think life started 10,000 years ago was another magnificent lie.

Yes, lies lies lies; we live a brilliant illusion of believing it’s acceptable to buy land when we are human beings born to this planet with a God Given right to live on it.

Don’t talk to me about a bank giving me a holiday. Now you are really making me laugh, and we believed it too. I wouldn’t buy that no matter how much fake money you give me.

And why have one holiday just after Easter and then another at the end of May? What nonsense, you could at least have one in November when we really need one. Or did that suit the banks again to have it then.

Yes many of these were pagan festivals originally so what clever branding by banks to stamp their name over our culture.

It’s changing, as awareness of the truth is finally getting out. That’s all it takes; for you to see the truth. And that, my Friday Lighters, is the only thing I will ever ‘bank’ on.

Im counting on you this bank holiday!


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