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‘Stay Tuned’ There’s more to that statement than you think

I don’t know if any of you have looked into this, but I was wondering why concert pitch, the note […]

It’s time to laugh- now you’re really having a laugh!

My last posts have been a bit heavy, you know talking about how the twin towers fell at 10.7 seconds, […]


Throw away the mask and make your Christmas fly!

I haven’t read the newspapers (deliberately), I switch the radio off when I commute to work and tune into ‘secret […]


How To Fail Your Way To Success

It’s been an interesting week, not least because I gave a talk at the local school titled Failing Your Way […]

IMG_0511 (1)

An unhappy approach to be happy, makes me happier!

Well the man who is classified as the happiest man in the world, is, apparently, not very happy about it! […]


Be a success – no skill required ?

Well tonight I am off to the hospital to see my friendly Indian consultant who operated on my knee this […]


It’s when you ask for underpants for your birthday- you know you’re over 50!

Yes I know I am just as surprised as you are; a Friday Light on a Monday? How most inconvenient […]


We Found Our Pet Tortoise – 1 year later!

Remember this little creature! WE FOUND HER! O.K. new Friday Lighters, you are going to (quite rightly) think ‘what the […]

A newspaper with the headline Daily News

If you really enjoy something then its better not to read about it.

It’s nothing new to report that food products are shrinking, sadly it appears that it’s nothing new to report that […]


THE MORE YOU PLAN – the more you provide things to fail !

It’s all done. The last ever operation in my life is over (I am back at work to annoy everyone […]