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A Bank Giving us A holiday? Now You’re Really Having a Laugh

My gut feeling is that the financial institutions and MP’s called for the Bank Holidays in 1871 because they wanted […]

An Up-Rising With The Sun

Good God the Sun has actually come out, (through the Chemtrails even). My body forgot that vitamin D existed and […]

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The Caged Pet Makes You Think You Are Free

I have promised myself that this would not be a serious Friday Light, even though I am now questioning the […]

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‘Stay Tuned’ There’s more to that statement than you think

I don’t know if any of you have looked into this, but I was wondering why concert pitch, the note […]


It’s time to laugh- now you’re really having a laugh!

My last posts have been a bit heavy, you know talking about how the twin towers fell at 10.7 seconds, […]


Throw away the mask and make your Christmas fly!

I haven’t read the newspapers (deliberately), I switch the radio off when I commute to work and tune into ‘secret […]


How To Fail Your Way To Success

It’s been an interesting week, not least because I gave a talk at the local school titled Failing Your Way […]

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An unhappy approach to be happy, makes me happier!

Well the man who is classified as the happiest man in the world, is, apparently, not very happy about it! […]


Be a success – no skill required ?

Well tonight I am off to the hospital to see my friendly Indian consultant who operated on my knee this […]


It’s when you ask for underpants for your birthday- you know you’re over 50!

Yes I know I am just as surprised as you are; a Friday Light on a Monday? How most inconvenient […]