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Angus on National 10 O.Clock News ITV Sept 2017

The Evening Standard Sept 17

The Daily Telegraph Sept 17

The Sun Newspaper first to report on Ruby Chocolate with Angus’ quote

New flavour of chocolate called Ruby invented by Swiss boffins after decades of trying… using THIS special ingredient


Any Dream Will Do

In the last three days – I have been to China and been one of the first people to try […]


When All Is Read

There is a beach (Peru I believe) where the surf is so big that you can whisk along on a […]

Laundry line with colored clothes isolated on a white background

Keep it online

And how curious; what seemed to be the most important items on the Kennedy’s household agenda last night; as I […]


About Time for the Weakened

Have a quick read of this simple and I admit, rather dull paragraph I wrote. “Take a look at your […]

5 ans, 3D rendering, triple flags


And what if you had five years? No I mean that. Imagine us together sitting at the coffee table and […]


Life with the star

And now since 30th May (my birthday) I am a ‘trial pescatarian’ after 50 years of being a happy meat […]