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Stay Slim Without The Gym

12 Jan 2018 One of the most common questions I get is how come I am not 100KG with the […]

Flat Out for Christmas

22nd Dec 2017 By now many of my new readers will think that I am just way too deep, especially […]

Human tech matrix head at background with electronic circuits - 3d rendering

Mind How You Go At Christmas

I wrote this Friday Light and thought ‘I can’t send this!’ as they’ll think I am out of my mind. […]

A volcano erupts with a burst of smoke, fire and ash as the landscape becomes rivers of molten lava.

Feeding off the Christmas ‘Present’

As far as my Xmas shopping is going – I have excelled in not buying anything, so I am not […]


Shopping for a Happy Christmas – Sorry not possible!

Definitely the Friday Light feeling today, the kids are placing their Amazon order requests for Christmas; correction, I meant their […]


Angus’ video tops 8m viewers -most watched video ever made on chocolate?

I thought I would share a video that I did as a laugh. You know the kind of life-is-the stuff-that-happens-in-between-what-we-plan […]

2 suns August 2017

Planet Chocolate from Sept 8th

OK it’s neck and neck but one of them is going to go, I just know it. And what’s more […]


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