Friday Light

Stay Slim Without The Gym

12 Jan 2018 One of the most common questions I get is how come I am not 100KG with the […]

Flat Out for Christmas

22nd Dec 2017 By now many of my new readers will think that I am just way too deep, especially […]

Human tech matrix head at background with electronic circuits - 3d rendering

Mind How You Go At Christmas

I wrote this Friday Light and thought ‘I can’t send this!’ as they’ll think I am out of my mind. But if you want to change the world, change yourself first right? I was going to bin this and had another post ready. Who’s thought was it to bin this one? That is the question. So I overcame the ‘voice’ to bin this at the last minute and decided to publish; so here it is. Unedited – as it came […]

A volcano erupts with a burst of smoke, fire and ash as the landscape becomes rivers of molten lava.

Feeding off the Christmas ‘Present’

As far as my Xmas shopping is going – I have excelled in not buying anything, so I am not sure whether to celebrate my victory or invite a delirious form of pre-Xmas panic. So far, for my Christmas shopping escapades, I have bought a plastic car window ice scraper for £1.99 from Halfords and that’s about it. I don’t like shopping. I have been trying to buy a wardrobe too as my mother in law is arriving from France […]


Shopping for a Happy Christmas – Sorry not possible!

Definitely the Friday Light feeling today, the kids are placing their Amazon order requests for Christmas; correction, I meant their loving Christmas lists for Santa. Our new kitten goes missing and you know what? I am now wondering whether or not I agree, consent or believe in anyway whatsoever that a soul contract is a good thing at all and whether we were monumentally duped. Again. Who came up with the soul contract idea? I want a word with them. […]


Angus’ video tops 8m viewers -most watched video ever made on chocolate?

I thought I would share a video that I did as a laugh. You know the kind of life-is-the stuff-that-happens-in-between-what-we-plan (John Lennon). Well this fun little video that we made with Business Insider on a whim proves my plans are nothing more than mere diversions while I wait for THE plan But I am no richer – sadly – but definitely wiser. This chocolate video tops 8M million views- might finish on 10 million + even? Now I don’t know […]

2 suns August 2017

Planet Chocolate from Sept 8th

OK it’s neck and neck but one of them is going to go, I just know it. And what’s more that’s only just the beginning. Many, many more volcanoes and the huge super volcanoes that are 1000 X the strength of the Mt St Helens eruption, will show signs they will blow next year and some of them I predict will. All this, while the media wants us to focus on nuclear war and brexit to the point of insanity […]


Any Dream Will Do

In the last three days – I have been to China and been one of the first people to try the new Ruby Chocolate and on the day I walked in through customs at London Heathrow after a gruelling 12-hour flight; instead of going home, I was diverted to London. Yes on a mission to do 2 live television interviews, go on the UK national Ten ‘O Clock news and then I was on 43 radio stations around the world. […]


When All Is Read

There is a beach (Peru I believe) where the surf is so big that you can whisk along on a surfboard for at least a mile, probably much more, along this amazing surf wave (or whatever you call it?). In 1980–2000 an estimated 70,000 Peruvians died in a civil war in Peru outnumbering the casualties of any other war in modern Peruvian history. A horrible situation – innocent people were shot and massacred every day for 20 years. It was […]

Laundry line with colored clothes isolated on a white background

Keep it online

And how curious; what seemed to be the most important items on the Kennedy’s household agenda last night; as I was driving home on empty roads (as everyone else is on holiday except me, aargh!). Well I was anaesthetised by the seeming and somewhat depressing importance of what was on my mental shopping list. You ready for it? Heavens – this is life or death stuff. I confess that I needed: Clothes pegs Loo roll Bin liners And fly spray! […]