Friday Light

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And how curious; what seemed to be the most important items on the Kennedy’s household agenda last night; as I […]

About Time for the Weakened

Have a quick read of this simple and I admit, rather dull paragraph I wrote. “Take a look at your […]

5 ans, 3D rendering, triple flags


And what if you had five years? No I mean that. Imagine us together sitting at the coffee table and I am pleading with you from my heart, I am not holding back; I’m not joking or messing around any more. What if you really only had 5 years left to live? I know the answer lies there right from your heart. What if most of us had five years left? Not five minutes, 5 weeks or months, but a […]


Life with the star

And now since 30th May (my birthday) I am a ‘trial pescatarian’ after 50 years of being a happy meat eater. I do want to live longer. I did plan it, it wasn’t a whim; I decided 6 months ago that I would give it a go for a 3 month period. So it’s day 3. I just don’t believe in cutting down forests to grow animal feed, to then go and feed animals so we can eat them. That’s […]

Pharmacy and herbalist's shop shelves and display with products, medicines, natural remedies, jars bottles and boxes

It’s Time To Face Up To The Greys

Should I, shouldn’t I?’ I thought to myself, as I reached out to read a packet sitting comfortably on the shelf at my local chemist while loading up my basket for; Angus’ essential items for my weeklong hotel stay for a big trade show in Germany.   ‘Dad why don’t you die your hair dark again… pleeeaaase?’  I remembered my daughter saying to me last Christmas. Fuelled by this somewhat haunting memory and additional pressure to look like a young […]

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A Bank Giving us A holiday? Now You’re Really Having a Laugh

My gut feeling is that the financial institutions and MP’s called for the Bank Holidays in 1871 because they wanted to look good (if that’s at all possible) in the face of them planning to make us into mindless working machines and hopeless debit slaves today which; haven’t they achieved quite magnificently. “Oh yes, look chaps, if we don’t give the commoners a holiday, there surely will be a revolution and us banks aren’t going to be that popular as […]


An Up-Rising With The Sun

Good God the Sun has actually come out, (through the Chemtrails even). My body forgot that vitamin D existed and it remembered that living in an office and never going outside till the Sun has gone down and then heading on a motorway or packed train for the rest of the day, is a TOTALLY WRONG, DUMB AND UNATURAL THING TO DO! Isn’t it time to stop all that? I have been looking at the concept of Sungazing. And no, […]

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The Caged Pet Makes You Think You Are Free

I have promised myself that this would not be a serious Friday Light, even though I am now questioning the fact that I am living the ‘illusion’. Well I now know that what I see is not what I could see. What I hear is not the voices that need to be ‘heard’ and what I think, well, man, they are often not my thoughts at all, but transmitted on the wish that I would think negatively. No such luck, […]

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‘Stay Tuned’ There’s more to that statement than you think

I don’t know if any of you have looked into this, but I was wondering why concert pitch, the note of the musical note of ‘A’ was re-tuned to 440 hz from 432hz as it was previously. Lots of people believe that it was a bad thing to do and that the original pitch was in tune with the ‘vibration of the Earth’. So I looked a bit further into it and saw that there are thousands of people arguing […]


It’s time to laugh- now you’re really having a laugh!

My last posts have been a bit heavy, you know talking about how the twin towers fell at 10.7 seconds, (the speed of a freefalling golf ball), why did no one find either of the two black boxes and why didn’t they find a single piece of a 6 tonne rolls Royce engine on the Pentagon crash site? And why is it called the Pentagon when the same imagery is used in secret societies along with single eyes, triangles and […]