Friday Light

‘Stay Tuned’ There’s more to that statement than you think

I don’t know if any of you have looked into this, but I was wondering why concert pitch, the note […]

It’s time to laugh- now you’re really having a laugh!

My last posts have been a bit heavy, you know talking about how the twin towers fell at 10.7 seconds, […]


Throw away the mask and make your Christmas fly!

I haven’t read the newspapers (deliberately), I switch the radio off when I commute to work and tune into ‘secret knowledge media’ with my iphone before it’s censored out and, well, you wouldn’t believe what I read now. No, you really wouldn’t! I haven’t tuned into the news for some time now (actually for several years). I am aware that there is a lot of negative ‘stuff’ going on in the media; there never hasn’t been; it will always be […]


How To Fail Your Way To Success

It’s been an interesting week, not least because I gave a talk at the local school titled Failing Your Way To Success – the title of my next book. They seemed to really warm to it. Failure is such a wonderful thing to have as my personal trainer. I wanted to be signed up by a literary agent and when that happened after 10 years of rejections, I discovered that my agent I dreamed of was totally off the case. […]

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An unhappy approach to be happy, makes me happier!

Well the man who is classified as the happiest man in the world, is, apparently, not very happy about it! Which in turn, on hearing this, subsequently made me considerably happier than I was, before I read it. Well the real story is that of a monk who left his quiet retreat to preach about happiness and share it. He agreed to some brain tests, which showed that his area of ‘happiness’ in the brain set a world new record […]


Be a success – no skill required ?

Well tonight I am off to the hospital to see my friendly Indian consultant who operated on my knee this spring as every time I go for a walk now, even a small one, the back of my knee swells up to the size of a golf ball! You know, when they say before the operations. ‘Hey you will be running in 6 weeks and it’s like three months later and you are having a problem just putting your bins […]


It’s when you ask for underpants for your birthday- you know you’re over 50!

Yes I know I am just as surprised as you are; a Friday Light on a Monday? How most inconvenient for us all. But Friday and for the last three Fridays in May, I was so supremely busy. Yes I really have been amazed at the success my chocolate conference that I have been working on – flat out. It’s very rewarding when people really want to buy what you create. But yes, like many of you, I am sure; […]


We Found Our Pet Tortoise – 1 year later!

Remember this little creature! WE FOUND HER! O.K. new Friday Lighters, you are going to (quite rightly) think ‘what the hell is he on about now?’ But one year ago I wrote extensively, probably far too much, about loosing Belle, our dear little pet tortoise, who, being a baby, one year ago crawled through a tiny gap in the rabbit pen and duly escaped. George, my 9 year-old son, cried hugely at her loss, it was a terrible day, Belle […]

A newspaper with the headline Daily News

If you really enjoy something then its better not to read about it.

It’s nothing new to report that food products are shrinking, sadly it appears that it’s nothing new to report that the chocolate industry (one company in particular) did receive the lions share of attention for this and plenty of other adverse publicity thrown in for what I would only describe as ‘for the heck of it’. I have just read a Daily Mail article from last year when ‘shrinkflation’ was a rage and many others and out of the whole […]


THE MORE YOU PLAN – the more you provide things to fail !

It’s all done. The last ever operation in my life is over (I am back at work to annoy everyone here) and yes – I didn’t choose this body to be ill in, or to have it chopped up either, so it’s over. When I went to see my brilliant Indian surgeon for a post-operation meeting this week, he informed me, he removed several pieces of debris, including what is known as a baker’s cyst (popliteal cyst) running on the […]