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Chocolate Furniture

No really – this is the size of a small coffee table and the whole thing is made out of […]

7 Euros for a single truffle, right or wrong?

I just returned from Brussels and toured the top chocolatiers on the high street. I went to see Galler, Nauhaus, […]


You can judge a man by how he eats a teacake

Jaffa Teacakes by Lees of Scotland Sorry about the photo! Oh come on kids – the pack shots are so boring sometimes! You can tell the true character of someone by how they munch a teacake. Do they bore the mallow out with their tongue, catch the crumbling chocolate pieces as they drop into their hands or pop the whole thing in; bam. Typically a teacake is a bun with fruity bits, toasted and buttered. However the confectionery ones are […]


Editor’s Choice – Dulcey

By Valrhona Awarded ‘Best New Taste’ at kcin 2013 This 32% white chocolate was actually created by accident, (the best things often are!). The chef at Valrhona forgot about the chocolate while tempering and it took some 8 years to replicate his masterful ‘accident’ for industrial production. Dulchy has a unique caramel shortbread taste. The product is smooth, memorable and quite excellent. It came out late in 2012 and went worldwide this year. This is a superb chocolate product and […]


Editor’s Choice – Tunnock’s Tea Cake

By Tunnock’s Awarded ‘Best Family Product’ at kcin 2013 There is something about the chocolate and the biscuit base, the recipe that has not changed for decades, the retro pack, the foiling and the bright colours. Tunnock’s have just got it right and once you’re hooked it’s too late. It’s definitely not a new product but when we have a packet of these everyone wants one right away: baby, teenager, 6-year old, mum, in-laws and your trusted editor (I have […]


Editor’s Choice – Fererro Kinder Surprise, Blue and Pink

By Fererro Awarded ‘Best for Parents and Kids It’s just one of those things that makes you say, ‘now why didn’t anyone think of that before?’ Since the summer of 2013, mums and dads will be able to stop the girly toys going to the boys and the boys’ toys going to the girls. Of course it’s subjective because many toys are enjoyed by all, but a simple bit of colour coding on the foiling ensures that you are buying […]


Editor’s Choice – Labooka Chocolate Bar

By Zotter Awarded ‘Most Creative Chocolate Company’ at kcin 2013 The name Zotter might be new to the UK, but in Austria Mr. Zotter is somewhat of a national hero. There are good reasons for this. This company started production in 2006 and is fuelled on pure creative energy! It’s also one of the most successful businesses in Austria. Mr. Zotter has never looked back and has a highly creative approach to the company’s products and a fearless ethos of […]

marmite brownie ribbon

Editor’s Choice – Marmite Chocolate Brownie

By Paul A. Young Awarded ‘Boldest Flavour’ at kcin 2013 Chocolate products are undergoing a surge of wild different flavours, from bacon to, well, now… Marmite! This product has become one of the company’s biggest sellers and has attracted strong publicity. Its flavour pushes the boundaries of taste and it’s also extremely difficult to get this type of flavour right. In our opinion, this is one of the boldest flavours of the year. It’s on par with the amazing Tandoori […]


Editor’s Choice – Lime Creams

By Whitakers Awarded ‘Best For After Dinner’ at KCIN 2013 It’s not just because I have been to the Whitakers factory this week (Sept 13). This product really has a very refreshing taste. After dinner has to be the best time to eat a chocolate and Whitakers have nailed it with this unique flavour and presentation. One always thinks of a mint fondant centre when it comes to “dinner mints” but the simple and very subtle addition of lime to […]


Editor’s Choice – Handmade Chocolate Salami and Chocolate Penguin

By Lick the Spoon Awarded ‘Best Novelty Product’ at kcin 2013 We really liked both of these products from this wonderful company in Wiltshire. Yes it really is chocolate salami! Salami sales, we are told, are way beyond expectations with sales in Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Liberty’s. They expect big sales for Christmas. But our favourite is our little penguin friend sitting inside a small plastic egg casing, complete with snow (coconut). As they are handmade, each penguin has a […]