Angus in the Press

Angus Kennedy Joins Anna Richardson Channel 4’s Supershoppers

July 2015, Angus Kennedy is asked to join Anna Richardson in a production for Channel 4 Television – Supershoppers. The […]

Angus Lands Celebrity Interview with Al Jazeera

July 2015 Angus flies out to New York to film for a major interview with Joie Chen for their 40 […]

BBC1 Watchdog Test House – March 20th 2015

Angus goes on Television to join BBC1’s news reporter for BBC Watchdog test house. To be the advisor on the subject of the quality of chocolate. – go to 14 mins.

Bath Chronicle – Will we be able to enjoy chocolate bars …

November 19th 2014 Bath Chronicle writes a piece on the quality of chocolate in the future quoting Angus Kennedy as the leading source of information. Click here to read feature

Huffington Post – The world is running out …

November 17th 2014 – Huffington Post picks up on Angus Kennedy on the subject of chocolate- click here to read after the Daily Mirror in the UK ran an extensive feature on the UK chocolate situation.

The Daily Telegraph – Don’t panic but we could be running out…

November 17th 2014 – It wasn’t long before Lauren Davidson of the Daily Telegraph in the UK got wind of the chocolate story and published an article – again quoting Angus as a leading expert in the press click here to read

The New York Times – When is a chocolate shortage a good thing?

The New York Times 18th NOV. John Guida a great journalist to work with quoted Angus Kennedy in his story on chocolate and potential shortfalls click here to read the story

Bloomberg – Can Science Change the world’s most endangered treat

November 14 2014 – This Bloomberg story got right across the globe and this resulted in many radio interviews with Angus all around the globe. Angus Kennedy was quoted in the story as one of the experts. click here to read the story.

The Daily Mail – Angus Kennedy on shrinking Quality Street

The Daily Mail online and in the paper 15th November 2014


Chocolate could run out in 2020 due to worldwide shortage of cocoa

The Mirror – Wednesday 11th December 2013 Industry expert Angus Kennedy says the treat will be transformed from a melt-in-the-mouth pick-me-up to a “sludgy” imitation Click here to read the full article on the Mirror site.