Angus in the Press

Meet the real willy wonka

Daily Star Sunday – Sunday 24th November 2013

Radio Interview on Cocoa shortage

McIntyre In The Morning – TalkRadio 790 KABC, 14th October 2013

Bedroom powers boosted by a chocolate nibble

Daily Star Sunday, 13th October 2013 View the article by clicking here


chocolate convention is confection heaven

Kent Messenger, 11th October 2013


The Kitchen Baby in the press

Recent Press examples promoting The Kitchen Baby


From british heroes to swiss zeroes

Mail Online, 28th August 2013 View the article by clicking here


Keep calm and deliver a baby

Angus in issue 28 (2013) of that’s life Click on the image to enlarge.


Angus Kennedy in Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine

Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Magazine – June 2013


Angus Kennedy in Prima Magazine

Prima – June 2013


The easy way to make Dad’s day

Angus writes a piece for The Sun for Fathers Day