Chocolate Furniture

No really – this is the size of a small coffee table and the whole thing is made out of very expensive chocolate! Some things are almost too good to eat! It was presented to me by the Cargill team at the World Chocolate Forum 2014 and it’s a real privilege to have it in my office. It has a presence you know. I believe that the things that are hand crafted with love and attention like this  you can taste and enjoy the art. You almost digest the love.

Yes – the Cargill Chefs nailed it, this is truly beautiful and to have this next to me every day as impossibly tempting. So I shall be donating this masterpiece to the BBC radio to raise money for a charity of their choice.

I little but fell off andI can tell you its made with very fine chocolates indeed – it’s too good to have sitting next to an old dog like me that has eaten so many thousands of chocs. I look forward to tracking its journey round the UK!

Thank you Cargill! These things are normally in glass cabinets so I am alive with this next to me today!



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