Good reasons for bad things


About the book
This is a very unusual book. Angus Kennedy channelled this book of exactly 222 maxims at 2.22 a.m. in the morning when he would much rather have slept!

For two weeks during the summer of 2013. He says, ‘This book was ‘delivered’ directly to me by my guardian spirits in the middle of the night at precisely 2.22 a.m. every night. It was crazy, I woke up at exactly that time. I didn’t want to write a book, as I was working on something else and I sure needed the sleep! But I felt I had to. It wasn’t written for the money. I wrote it as I have a burning desire to help people, it’s in my soul. The result was a really profound book and I wonder if it was me that actually wrote it. It was an amazing experience just to write something I did not plan. Actually the book is bringing me good luck all the time, we are now in talks with a chocolate producer to make this into a chocolate bar. A publisher called me last week and so on. I like that – that’s radical, a writer does not have to be restricted to just paper and digital. This book will be seen all over the super market shelves! It’s happening and I am enjoying the show, it’s unstoppable and probably the best book I wrote to date.”

Are there good reasons at all?
We never look for the reasons for the bad things, which very often are not actually all that bad. ‘Everything has a good reason, but it’s just a question of how much of our lives it takes us to find that good reason.

The good things in life seem to be shadowed by the chaos and daily stress of modern living. Kennedy has put together a deeply philosophical work based on a lifetime’s thoughts and brought to the reader through his direct experience, which, he says:

‘Will make people smile when the chips are down. We all have times when we feel we have failed, and believe me I have had them and been through the mill. I’ve come to realise that it’s not about how we are knocked down in life, but how we get up again. I want to help people get up, smile, move on and find the strength to live their dreams. This is a short book, I know, but writing is about choosing the least amount of words that have the maximum positive effect.”

The book was channelled through automatic writing at 2.22 a.m. Good Reasons for Bad Things will help you to think positively despite being in the company of the most intolerable idiots.