HOW TO MAKE MONEY – Without really thinking about it!

Well I can’t stress enough about how important it is not to think too much about things in general- especially cash!

You see as I reported recently, a lot of cool things have been happening in my life since my 50th birthday as I decided then and there on my birthday as I toasted my hard earned 50 years with my (even-harder-to-keep-friends), that the main reason for me not living my dreams was because I was making the same lousy decisions for 25 years. I was doing the same things, thinking the same stupid thoughts and agreeing with the same common fools that I didn’t really agree with!

I was not allowing GOOD things to take place because I was too busy setting daft goals that I was destined to fail. And meeting people that I attracted to help me fail too! I wasted time pondering over why things were not happening instead of looking forward to the unkown. Ha yes! Something many of us fear. The unknown can hold every pleasure we never could imagine!

So get yourself out the comfort zone now and off that crazy routine. Do it different. Is it any surprise that life is the same when each day we do exactly the same thing that we did yesterday? We have 60,000 thoughts a day and guess what? Most of us (it’s proven) think 90% of same thoughts the next day and the next. The only thing worth thinking about is how to stop thinking and leaving some room for believing that good things can actually happen and opportunity is all around us. The silence speaks with ideas and inspiration but my thinking stopped it. The Universe knows what it needs to do. We just don’t tune in to what has to be. Why not? Well I know the answer, but no one is ready for that yet!

Spontaneity – yes isn’t she beautiful, like a floating goddess tempting us at every junction in life but spontaneity stops where fear begins. Actually EVERYTHING stops where fear begins. Very slowly my luck is changing. If I have had a crap life for 50 years, change not going to happen over night. I need to be a different me. So for 24 months I decided to try and not to ponder over what would not happen – it’s ta kind of fear.

My wife and I decided on whim to sell the house last week (just like that) because we hate driving kids to school. So the dream we had to live in our current house was not a dream after all, we think they are dreams. But it was a stepping-stone to our dream – a dream that only the Universe knows because I am a mere misguided human, a common idiot even, that can’t see an awful lot.

And now heavens above; because of a rash spontaneous decision to go on the market with the house, it’s leading to other things that could be beyond our wildest dreams! WOW ! Don’t stop reading, I will prove this year that rash decisions make you millions, they make you happy and free too.

What we plan fails and what we fail is planned. What we succeed in is planned too – possibly. Unless you make a decision to think different, you will never be different, things will never change.

Humans have what most beings don’t; love, and the will to pull harmonize the opposing polarities of the Universe once and for all. We are the grandest show in the Universe and all ‘eyes’ are on us. Show them who we really are and not what we have been manufactured to be. We are humane – being. And soon we will be humane showing, in the race to be so, the Human race.

Bit deep Friday Lighters , yup- I confess.

Sorry guys – gotta dash. Hey I just have a very large cheque to cash. I never imagined I would receive it. But I stayed positive no matter what under quite some stress. I controlled the bad thoughts. I actually have had to keep this quiet for legal reasons. It’s big amount of cash for me and I deserve it after all I lost last year! Its not huge but tens of thousands.

My God how powerful our thoughts really are- there is so much I can teach but yet so few that appear to wish to learn. But then I guess it’s true, the teachers appear only when the student is ready. When I hit the money big time as I know how to do it; sadly that is only when they will listen. For many that will be too late.


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