Perhaps I haven’t Failed Enough Yet to Be a Success!

Another week of crap off flying the shovel (and how do they make shovels that big!) .. so I hope that you have had a better week than I have! As reported last week we had a massive identity fraud on my personal identity and Kennedy’s (my business) had considerably large amounts of money stolen. Contrary to my initial recollections, we also worked out that the criminal gang calculated exactly when I was not in the office and they took the money during the hours that I was not there. They almost seem to know my every movement.

And what is it about this month before Christmas… is it me or is everyone stressed and at each other? I guess the cold weather setting in and waking up in the darkness and the fact that everyone is chasing everyone for money just before they have to go and buy rather useless items that they don’t have time to shop for.. yes getting ready just for Christmas! Yippee. Who in marketing made this, such an unfortunate occasion to shop and unsubscribe to business cards from companies only wishing to sell their useless wears?

Yes what a great week indeed and test of resolve of picking up the pieces like I have of a hard hit business. And I was thinking the other day. Hmmm perhaps I have not failed enough to be a success! And also I was thinking; all those things that I have planned for my success fail and all the things that fail seem to be planned for someone else’s success.

I know it takes time to get out the rut but come on, like erm, 30 odd years is going something right. And one day after all these spectacularly large amounts of failures, losses and tragedies that I have been through, I might become and overnight success. Funny that, because if that happened say, this week or some other hopeless random unlikely date, it would have taken 9147 nights.

Yes get up and brush it off OK Angus. Not all the bits of me get up and respond so well any more. But there are bits standing and well, we only have two things to experience, enjoyment and learning. So when things just fire away like a machine gun at you, unless you adopt a strategy to accept them all and be wise and decide they are all meant to be to drive change in your life then none of your bits are going to get up and stand again! Some bits of me are chicken and others will stand till I die. Yes, the very production process of the soul is taking place fast. How wonderful to be processed so.

Inside we all have that notion of living the dream without knowing that the notion perhaps is for us all to be living the dream together. How will humans ever be happy when hardly any one is living their purpose? I wonder how long humanity will last. Humans don’t seem to be have learned a huge amount since we got rid of that rather good bloke, Jesus, that had some cool ideas about being nice to each other. That was what Christmas should have been about. But come on, were are only human, we wouldn’t be born if we were perfect. We know better that those cool wise sages of course.

So remember 80,000 thoughts a day is what we have. Remember that we think 80% of the same ones the next day and the next. Remember how many of your thoughts today were negative. I know I can’t either, but I did try a day of no complaining and never got past 11 am. Yes it’s got so bad that there should be a national day of no complaining but that would instantly give me something else to complain about. Bad isn’t it?

Hang in there gang; be patient, tolerant, learn as much while you can (with the bits still standing), try and be charitable when you are broke and let’s show them we can love when you don’t show it.

And thank you last week for all your amazing emails and responses to how we nearly lost the business. Of course it’s getting back on track now but I thank you. You are all good people and brilliant readers. With I hope a dream too.

Yes, when all else fails, try a dream or a change hey ! Just as nuts as going to work.

Yours still standing – quite unexpectedly.


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  1. April 18, 2017 Reply

    Ron Reagan Jr. tonight said that President Trump sounds insecure and perhaps delusional enough to be putting his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of so much.

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