Please God I want to win…

Please God I Want To Win The Lottery (sold out)

Paperback: 240 pagesPlease God I Want To Win The Lottery by Angus Kennedy
Publisher: Kennedy’s Publications Ltd (Oct 2007)

ISBN-10: 0904725073
ISBN-13: 978-0904725070

Angus says, “I wrote this book on the 8.38 am to Charring X station. I couldn’t believe how bored everyone was. So I asked God to get me out and win the lottery. The book is the reply. It was written under the pen name of Clayton Caine.” He says it was written a long time ago (*13 years) and  his writing has changed much since then. But he still receives messages from around the world from readers who he says strangely seemed to like it.

Blurb: Sitting in his poky London office and wondering if this is really all there is to life, Clayton Caine finally has had enough and embarks on his grand plan to escape the rat race once and for all. But there’s a dilemma, he needs money and his soul destroying sales job to pay the bills – and to escape with! Will he ever finally live his dream and escape from a modern working life? Finally he can take no more and prays for a lottery win. But will it be his money or his dreams? This is a channelled book by spirits to Angus.

This book is due to be re- published on kindle by Black Mansion Media in 2013 – To see a link (Sorry you cant buy it) Please God I Want To Win The Lottery on here.