Sugar-Free and Random Body Parts

I can’t quite believe it (I don’t normally mention company names) or people in my posts but this week I have, out of the blue, been receiving all manner of sugar-free confections. This morning’s post was a parcel from Ricola – this was in addition to the package yesterday from Stork UK Ltd. (Erm, which I confess we all finished on the train to London this week to the Hunterian museum at the Royal College of Surgeons. It’s very good by the way, and it’s free. Come to that in a minute!

But wow, how amazing is that? I go on a sugar-free food diet and people (really nice thoughtful people) are sending me their products to help my wife and I go sugar free. And yes I know it’s nuts right! An editor of a confectionery magazine going sugar free? What the… But wait! All I am doing is being in control of what I eat in my general diet; as opposed to eating without any control or knowledge.

In my job – I stay healthy so I can eat confections! Not the other way round, but if a confection does both then why not? I am off caffeine now, I used to smoke at school, I stopped reading papers and don’t watch live TV any more. I am making choices to feed my body and mind in ways that don’t really conform to what I should do.

But I tried to have a slice of toast this morning and now I have (thanks to my son) been introduced to a new app that checks the sugar on my foods and it’s shocking. Nimble bread, has a picture of a tape measure on the pack, probably to make you think about your waste line and it appears to me to be slimming type bread. But it’s only because it has less sugar – not no sugar. But it has sugar in it still. I think that’s not right. The more I think about this, the confectionery industry seems to be doing more about going sugar-free and in an honest way than the rest of the food industry. It’s actually leading the way. It was chewing gum that leads the way after all.

But yes as you all know, I am one for experimenting in life. Everything from education (yes I did get straight u’s in my exams), to the food I eat and the way I use my mind to help me and not organizations. It’s all about not listening to what you are told really. I am learning more about what I was taught before I was born than ever! Quite refreshing, you see we are born with all we need to be happy and we learn from others all we need to be sad.

In fact for more I listen to my body (it does speak) the more my mind seems to like me. I am winning back my mind too. Good welcome back mind to supporting Angus Kennedy in helping him realize why he was born so he can do what he needs to do. Stop humans from a terrible ending!

Deep – not really. OK I could go much deeper but it’s a Friday and we are out for some laughs. My son (pictured) loved the medical museum, seeing body parts in formaldehyde solution fascinated him endlessly and thought it was a shop! All the lovely bits of body to play with. “Dad can we buy that one?” He said as he pointed to a piece of a 100 year old suspended face in a jar displaying terrible growth problems.

As the adults looked in horror at all that could go wrong with the body he focused on which ones would be the most fun to play with. Aha yes of course we are born with all we need to be happy, if only we can remember what we forgot.

Happiness is being happy to wait for it and being ignorant of all that could go wrong. Or is that intelligence choosing to be ignorant? I wonder, unlearning is a necessary form of learning.

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