The day I lost £30,000 and may never get it back

Friday 13th, my lucky day… well I hope the luck changes today, I can tell you that! Are you sitting down? Let me begin. Last week I learned that I had lost the largest amount of money I have done in my entire life. If you read last week’s Friday Light it was a bad one, ineptly written and I shouldn’t have tried writing it; so I am sorry. I did report then I had a bad day and now you deserve an explanation! But there was good reason – it wasn’t easy for me to write anything at all last Friday.

I can loose things, actually many of you know that to me, money is not something I idolise and I can loose it as easily as I can gain it. It was just the way it was taken that is so uncomfortable. You are not going to like this at all – vulturous story indeed!

I was sitting there last Friday shot to bits thinking why me, how did I not see this? And I wrote last Friday’s Light a few hours after I discovered that I had nearly lost my business in 24 hours. No names will be mentioned in this mail as it’s a serious matter and the police are potentially involved, so I am going to give you a factual account of something that no one wants to go through – ever! And that’s why I am writing it. I don’t want people to experience what I went through last Friday.

As you know I have been through a lot; office flooding, rescuing my daughter in the middle of the night, screwed up knee operation, delivering babies in emergencies, no heating, house flooding, you name it, my wife and I have been there done it! Still smiling too!

I am writing this to say that the following facts are to the best to my knowledge and it may be proved otherwise. So I will give you my personal account of what happened, OK.

Last Friday our little business, Kennedy’s here in Kent, we believe was hacked, we are not sure, but it appeared that someone faked my identity. They were so good at it, that they managed to fake my email address too so that they were able to email my staff with my email address as a return address and fake my identity to make people believe it was me emailing them and start up conversation with people in our office.

God knows how it was done but on the 19th October this impersonator managed to convince my financial controller that they were me and persuaded them to make a direct bill payment from our company bank account. This was no small sum, not for a small business like us. The payment made was £16440. If that’s not bad enough, I was actually in the office when this happened! Only a few feet away from the desk from the person that was doing it. I had no idea thousands of pounds were being drained from my business while I was happily having coffee and doing my job. Money was being stolen from right underneath our noses and nothing was said.

Yes last Friday was a bad day for AK. And of course it’s all about how we get up again I know, not how we are knocked over. £16440 I could just about to get up try and survive it and move on. Then guess what?

The next day this gang hit again and then convinced our financial controller to do it again! Yes for the second time the following day. I had no idea that the first payment was made yet alone number two; and then kerpow, bang, another one. Bulls eye – our company is now limping. This second payment made was to the tune of £14440. No invoice, no paperwork nothing- pure cash. Kennedy’s is a small business and now a direct hit.

So well, you have just read a post from a man that lost nearly all his retained cash in 24 hours in his business. Friday 13th – I don’t believe in bad luck. It happens to us all. It’s all about if we are perceive ‘able’. It’s about my reaction and my feelings to something like that. What feeling do I give it? Do I choose to be angry, sad, brush it off? At the moment I have done well, I have delayed the choice, it’s the best I can do. But I will find a way to be up beat. Come on it’s only £30K – OK! Come on Angus……

But the icing on the cake is (you will like this one). As it’s a direct bill payment and actioned by our staff, there is no insurance. The bank says it’s not their fault either. All I have is sort codes and account numbers and the police. I expect the money is now in another account ages ago by now. I only found out abut this last Friday! Ouch.

Well a happy Friday; I am trying to make it happy too after all this. I am winning the battle – slowly. I am still alive, we are still here in business, I am still as always with what matters till the day I die. My kids, family and my deep wisdom I know will snake its way to mould a defiant smile across my lips.

You can take my money, but you will never take by ability to perceive things with grace and good will. Somehow God will give me that strength – the Universe already has. I am moving on and it’s over. May your Fridays always be lighter than ever today. Your pleasure is mine and I feel it.

I am smiling really, it’s done and over. I’m ready for the new challenges and yes – coping with all that good luck that’s on the way.

Yours with a single word that says it all – defiantly!


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