The Kitchen Baby

Now on sale globally via Amazon and iBookstore published February 2013

The Kitchen Baby

This is a live account that begins from the moment the author raced to assist with his wife’s unexpected birth in the middle of the night, with no medical assistance or a midwife. The author tells the remarkable story of how their baby was born right into the author’s hands, with the cord tight around its neck.

In this dramatic birthing scene, Angus Kennedy narrates how their premature baby struggled for its life on the kitchen floor, with moments to live, and describes how he prepared to deliver their baby, dead or alive.

This birthing story was reported on national TV news as one of the most moving childbirth stories in the UK. It describes the reactions of his four young children, who came to their mother’s rescue while she prepared for nature to take over for a totally natural home birth.

‘The Kitchen Baby’ presents a unique insight into men’s emotions and what they feel while supporting their partners during pregnancy and childbirth. It describes how Angus coped with his wife’s emotions during her pregnancy (often not very well!) and what went through his mind when his partner went into labour – and when he had to deliver a baby!

In this fast-moving account, Angus Kennedy reflects on his transformation from never wanting babies to having so many. ‘The Kitchen Baby’ also provides a rare insight for women into what men feel while trying to support their partners during conception, pregnancy, childbirth, PND and beyond.

The author tells how the couple were told she may never become pregnant. It describes her IVF treatments and her battle with endometriosis. It reveals the secret of how the author and his wife defied the doctors and what they did to help her on the road to pregnancy.

Angus Kennedy records their great parenting and family moments of the past, from how men can recognise the symptoms of pregnancy, to how they kept it a secret from the ‘in-laws’, not forgetting the reactions of friends and strangers to their large-scale baby production.

Above all, the author provides a rare through-the-man’s-eyes point of view for women on how differently couples perceive each other’s feelings during pregnancy and birth. ‘The Kitchen Baby’ provides support for any couple looking for a refreshing angle on birth, midwives, female depression, the NHS, breastfeeding and the final transition of a mother-to-be.

Angus Kennedy, a full-time editor and journalist, is well qualified for the job, having witnessed almost every type of birth as it happened and, as he says, “Without being drugged up on gas.” He describes what he saw in the delivery room as his wife endured everything from water births and emergency cesarean sections through to natural childbirths.

There is a deep spiritual and philosophical message in the book. Having fathered many children, the author writes of how babies plan for parents as opposed to parents planning for babies and how pointless a birthing plan can be. He writes of his natural progression from an adolescent to becoming a real man – one at harmony with a woman!

He also describes how he was at a loss regarding his wife’s PND and subsequent PTSD, providing a rare insight into how difficult it is for men to understand female depression.

The author writes (humorously!) about how they coped with the UK’s healthcare system and the ‘avoidables’ they endured, enabling other prospective parents to be prepared.

This is a highly informative book, packed with lessons and heartwarming stories on pregnancy and parenting – each one learned through hard earned experience and over many pregnancies.

‘The Kitchen Baby’ is for not only mothers-to-be but also existing parents who can tune in to the magic of holding a newborn child again.

It’s an honest account of exactly how it happened, from a couple who, above all, managed
to stick it out together, survive it all and still pay the bills!

This is a beautifully written book that is both realistic and cynical. It’s packed with humour – from a unique birthing viewpoint (literally) and directly from one of the fastest upcoming writers in the UK.