Back For Another Knee Operation!

OK so when you read this I have timed it perfectly so that it will be at the precise time that I am under a general anaesthetic for, yes… my third knee operation in 4 months! Of course it’s only mild surgery by any standards and to be honest I am getting used to going in now and meeting the ‘knee team’ at the local hospital.

Besides anything is easy and I welcome an operation after taking five kids on a family holiday in Morocco in 42 degrees with them going down with all manner of hot weather ailments like: eye strains, heat stroke, sunburn and a good selection of tummy bugs that mum and dad had join in the fun with too. But it was a holiday yes, IT WAS, and I wasn’t in the office. But the stress of not being able to relax for a second as our 3 year old could leap into the swimming pool at any moment and willingly die (he thinks he’s a dinosaur that can swim) adds to the ‘thank God-I-am-now-at -home-factor. So one day at home in the office, write Friday Light and then let’s see if I am still alive on Friday afternoon (today for you). That’s as far as I am planning. Even though I know if we fail to plan we plan to fail.

So I have been thinking about thinking. We have between 38 and 48 thoughts a minute; that’s around 50,000 day or around 18 million a year. Ok, ‘so what?’ Some may say. Get this then. Most people will think the same things the next day. It’s estimated that we think 80% of the same thoughts that we had yesterday! Hmm so if we have a problem, say a bad job, marriage issues, injury or just having a bad week, we will repeat the thoughts again and again and again.

I complain that I am having a similar life to yesterday and I now challenge my mind to what the hell it’s doing then thinking about it. ‘How dare you think the same things you twerp.’ I say. How dare you think 80% of all that negative nonsense yet again? Well can you see where I am coming from? How on Earth will our lives ever change for the better when we are thinking exactly the things we thought before.

What will change that? Well, not a lot is the answer. We have been invaded to give our minds over to other people’s and companies requirements of what they want us to think. OK here come a few unsubscribes, but I do read a lot of conceptual thought stuff OK. Get ready for this.

There is a school of thought to say that negative thought is a ‘requirement’ for certain energies not of the Earth. When I say ‘energies’ I mean an energy that needs negative thought to be itself, and it needs to farm it from Humans too! Crazy right! Whether you wish to call that energy Beelzebub, Evilness, Alien intervention, I don’t really mind.

But your mind is a receptor to what you or someone else puts in it and wants you to think. And if you don’t believe that it’s not possible for another being to put a thought into your mind then I invite you to study and to read and open your mind more. Too busy thinking crappy stuff right, why bother and all that? I know.

And that in essence is what I am focusing on now, yes especially when I will be on the operating table tomorrow! But time flies when when think the same stuff. So choose your thoughts carefully and somehow try to put something positive in there if poss… please. Not easy I know when you have an overdraft every single day of your life and so on. But thinking about it is exactly is that will make it worse and immortal.

And that is why it’s so important to read positive books, avoid the news, the press, and some social media, because, IT’S YOUR MIND, it’s your garden, it’s for you to cultivate. Don’t spare a thought for someone else; keep it! You need the good ones too. And again of you don’t believe that visualization of the positive events in your life will happen by thinking about them positively before they happen then – more reading is needed by you and urgently!

Because the mind matters. Thoughts create, they really do and this is happening to me. It’s a tough job thinking new good thoughts. Flowers take time to grow in deserts. But not thinking for yourself is the reason why the world is out of it’s mind!

Humans can be so much more; our minds are so powerful, have you ever thought that there may be something that doesn’t want you to have this power over yourself?

Have you ever thought that people in power are working on controlling your thoughts? Mind your mind, it’s yours and please go with me. The Earth and humanity needs more that any other time in history for you to think yourself from your heart and to think yourself into who you really should be, your purpose.

Yours a little deeper than planned this week (sorry!), but never the less, yours quite essentially all the same.


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