Why I am going on Sugar Free Diet – at least for now anyway

No that’s it! Really … I am just too busy to have another knee operation (reported last week). How sad is that? I am just too occupied to sort out the most important thing in the world – MY BODY! Yes and all this, while my wife and I have been experimenting with our ‘NS’ diets- NS standing for NO SUGAR.

I confess the NS diet was my idea in the first place, as now I can’t really go to the gym any more because of my recently diagnosed – a Baker’s Popliteal Cyst lurking in my knee. Anyone ever had one?

So I had to change my food intake. I couldn’t keep eating what I have done with my lifestyle change and I am always careful about hidden sugars anyway so, welcome the NS to Angus’ life! I am self-termed an NS choiceatarian! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? I guess it is a little. I mean the editor of the world’s leading confectionery magazine going sugar free- it’s like ‘what the ….

So I can eat sugars but I choose not to where possible, unless for professional reasons etc. But generally now I am 95% off sugar. It took a while to get off caffeine so this is another one for me. We eat in the UK on average a massive 34 KG a year of sugar – mostly without knowing, and that’s not so sweet. I don’t want to do that anymore. We eat also 11KG of chocolate. The confectionery industry has been historically leading the way with sugar free (look at chewing gum) and I believe well ahead of the food industry in general.

It’s not easy to do this because 80% of all food sold in supermarkets has sugar in and most restaurants, pubs and food outlets don’t need to claim their sugar content.

Answer this – is it right to have kids breakfast cereals to be over 30% sugar and then to promote Kids fitness on the pack? We find sugar in everything we eat from spaghetti sauce to bagels and pickled fish and wine. Actually I am in the industry and I know a lot of companies reporting unprecedented interest in sugar free confections.

So my wife is firmly on a no sugar diet (with my full support) and hey this is coming from the editor of the world leading authority on confections! You often learn more about what you don’t want when you have it and more of what you do want when you can’t get your hands on it! My wife’s diet wasn’t working and then I pointed out that some wines are full of sugar too; so that’s sorted. She’s back on track. Few parents can say no to a glass of wine!

I did a month of no sugar completely an then (ha!) because of my job it would be like a test pilot not wishing to fly. Or is it? Actually it’s not, so I continued because we can still have the sweet sensation without sucrose; which I read is a problem for my body to deal with anyway.

When I posted my sugar free trial on my blog Friday Light I was contacted by various producers who have been sending me there products to assist so thanks to: Plamil Foods and Cavalier, Ricola, Storck and Hillside Candy in the US.

As for me I am eating as much fat and normal sugar free food as I can with limited gym attendance and I am a steady weight. Just eating hardly any sugar! Of course I still eat chocolates. But taking the sugar out of a normal food diet and eating sugar free confections, drinks, sauces and a growing number of foods is clearly working for me.

But is it a long-term thing? Challenge for a man like me in my job I know. But I feel I am in control. Yes I do have to eat confections but I am to designate hours that I do. Am I just getting too eccentric! Will it work? Keep checking in to find out! By for now.

Yours perhaps artificially sweet but genuinely real !


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